Polish Interviewees


Jacek Strączyński 

Jacek Strączyński is the President of the Częstochowa Solidarity Trade Union. He has always emphasized building solidarity among Solidarity members so as to defend workers’ rights and trade unions.

Dorota Kaczmarek

Dorota Kaczmarek is the deputy chairman and secretary of the Czestochowa Solidarity Trade Union.

Zbigniew Bonarski

Zbigniew Bonarski has been an activist of Częstochowa “S” since its foundation, at present he is the chairman of the Solidarity and Independence Association and organizer of the Workers’ Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora. He inaugurated the Solidarity Academy on 21 April 2017. He also leads the university union that integrates patriotic circles in cooperation with the Institute of National Remembrance. 

Anna Rakocz

Anna Rakocz is the President of the Association of Prisoners, Internees WIR. She was one of the founders of Solidarity Trade Union in Czestochowa and the chief accountant of the Czestochowa Solidarnosc Region. She was interned in the first hours of martial law.

Wiesław Czrnecki

Wiesław Czrnecki is a member of WIR Association [Association of Prisoners, Internees], is the initiator and organizer of several commemorations about the history of the Solidarity Trade Union in Częstochowa.

 Piotr Skuza

Piotr Skuza is a musician and has a Phd degree in History. He teaches history and music at Primary School No. 38 in Czestochowa. He is also an activist and member of Solidarity Trade Union.