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Preparing for Dresden in Budapest I

Young members of the Hungarian team are preparing for the Dresden meeting!

How you ask?

Well, they were learning about the GDR, first step was a short history lesson on post WWII Berlin and the 4 sectors. This was followed by a role-play activity where set on the eve of the erection of the Wall. Members were on both sides of the city and woke up to find that barbed-wire separated them from the other side, leaving several stranded on the wrong side.

There will be more work on what life was like in the GDR. It has so far proven quite successful. The students participating in the project had heard very little about the Wall, about how it was erected. They were amazed and now are looking forward to hearing about every day life and how the Lutheran Church began protesting against the totalitarian regime.


By the time the Dresden event comes in February, they will be well prepared for what they are going to experience there.