Association for Development, Education and Labour

A.D.E.L. – Association for Development, Education and Labour



A.D.E.L.‘s main goals promoted with various projects and activities are:

  • to increase the employment of young people and assist in their personal and professional development;
  • to organize and mediate youth exchanges, trainings, workcamps, study visits, internships and volunteering programs abroad;
  • to encourage active citizenship, participation, voluntary and civic initiatives and highlighting their importance in society;
  • to stimulate the creation of new and innovative ideas as the basis for entrepreneurial initiatives of young people and motivate and support them towards their own business;
  • to assist citizens in Slovakia and in developing countries in unfavorable living situation caused by poverty, natural disasters and conflicts;
  • to encourage the responsible relationship to nature and animals, promote a healthy lifestyle and protect the environment;
  • to promote constructive debate about the EU and to raise legal awareness of citizens, protect human rights and to supervise the transparency in the allocation of public resources;
  • to promote the elimination of gender stereotypes and promote equality of opportunity for all  and thus build and develop civil society based on the principles of democracy, freedom, pluralistic and rule of law, justice, responsibility and solidarity.