Youthnet Hellas

Youthnet Hellas



Youthnet Hellas started as a Youth Network 15 years ago and evolved into a Confederation of Local Youth Councils and an NGO with members from all over Greece. It aims to promote young people’s participation, life long learning, social inclusion, voluntary service and active citizenship in community life at national, European and international level.

Its specific goals are:

  • to enhance the role of young people at decision-making centers;
  • to endorse the development of politics supporting children’s and young people’s rights;
  • to encourage environment-friendly actions leading to better life quality;
  • to promote democracy, peace, diversity, human rights and multicultural dialogue;
  • to participate in actions to contribute to the financial and social development of developing countries;
  • to encourage exchange mobility and dialogue amongst young people.

It was awarded the European Citizens’ Prize for 2013 and the UNESCO’s 8th Youth Forum label of excellence for its work.