Conference DresdenEvents

11 February 2017

The 1st international event of the project Building Democratic Europe Together started officially on the 11th of February where all partners from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia met in Dresden.

In the morning, there was an introduction meeting where each partner introduced the participants and the organisation they represent. On behalf of the German partner, Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V., Myrto-Helena Pertsinid project coordinator and Stefan Kiehne Chairman welcomed the participants and introduced the programme of the event in Dresden.

Later on the participants were divided into two groups: the steering committee and the group of young participants with their group leaders. The project manager of the lead partner, Közgazdasági Politechnikum, Adrienne Varga was coordinating the steering committee meeting during which each partner presented their progress report. At the same time, the group of young participants led by Rob Dawson played a free game-based learning platform called KAHOOT.

In the afternoon, all participants visited the Memorial Gedenkstätte Münchner Platz Dresden where the court, the prison and the execution courtyard used to be located during the Nazi and GDR times.

In the evening a guided tour focused on the GDR times was held. During the tour, key-spots of Dresden, such as the Main Train Station, Frauenkirche and Altmarkt were visited. The participants had the chance to learn how much Communism affected the daily life of Dresden’s citizens and see the locations where the protests of October 1989 took place. The first day came to its end at Brauhaus am Waldschlösschen.