Conference Dresden

12 February 2017

On the 2nd day, Adrian Matus gave a presentation about the historical context of the GDR – German Democratic Republic, the media and their role in the state, the social movements helped by the Lutheran Church as well as the forbidden music and literature in the GDR.

Afterwards, the workshop “How to conduct a video interview” led by João Carvalho Miranda was held. The participants learned several key elements of shooting a video interview.

After this workshop, the event “Kunst des ERINNERNS”, organised by JKPeV took place at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum from 16:00 to 21:30. This year, KUNST des ERINNERNS remembers and reviews the GDR, with focus on the social movements and the peaceful revolution in October 1989. The event was moderated by Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi Myrele Per and Stefan Kiehne Stefano Kino.

The Mayor of Moritzburg, Jörg Hänisch gave a salutation speech and right afterwards the documentary film “Oktoberfilm” directed by R. Kukula was screened.

Mr. Matthias Neutzner, the Head of the Association for Peace Culture – Memorare Pacem, led a workshop based on the documentary film. At the same time, the guests could visit the exhibition „Die Wende begann vor unserer Haustür“, by the group “Wende in Moritzburg” and the pupils from the High School of St. Afra.

Mr. Andreas Wilczek gave a presentation about the forbidden music in the GDR times based on his personal experience as a vinyl collector and a follower of revolutionary music movements and radio stations.

The artist and writer, René Münch, read excerpts from his book „Destinies of the institutionalized children during the GDR” based on his life story about his childhood and adolescence in an orphanage during the GDR times.

Round-table discussions followed during which the guests could speak to Mr. Andreas Wilczek, to the artist and writer, Rene Münch, the Mayor of Moritzburg, Mr. Jörg Hänisch as well as Mr. Andreas Rösch, Social pedagogue and Mr. Dirk Widiger, Psychologist who used to be Bausoldaten – Construction Soldiers from 1986 to 1988 in the GDR.

After the round-table discussions, Silvio Colditz and Steffen Roye recited their poems giving us “food for thought” and finally the event KUNST des ERINNERNS came to its end with the screening of the famous East German film „The Legend of Paul and Paula” directed by Heiner Carow.