Conference Dresden

13 February 2017

During the 3rd day of the international event of the EfC project Building Democratic Europe Together, a video interview workshop was led by João Carvalho Miranda during which the participants learned how to use the camera and conduct video interviews in practice. Moreover, Lucie Poláčková presented certain methods and tools that were used throughout the Bridging Generations EfC project in order to conduct video interviews based on the biographical narrative method. Later on, the participants visited the Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden, which is a memorial for the victims of the GDR Ministry for State Security (MfS) in Saxony’s capital, Dresden. It is the only original preserved and accessible to the visitor investigation center of the “Stasi” in Saxony. The steering committee had a meeting to plan the next event in Chestochowa, Poland and Athens, Greece and discuss the questionnaires of the survey regarding the totalitarian regimes in East Germany, Poland, Slovakia in the 70s and 80s and Greece (1967-1974).