German team

German team


studied Political Sciences and Sociology at TU Dresden (Technische Universität). He is the founder and Chairman of Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and is the main Project Manager in the association responsible for the financial management of the association’s projects, the organisation and implementation of local and international projects and events of JKPeV. Regarding the project “Building Democratic Europe Together”, he was responsible for organising, advertising, coordinating and moderating the international event in Dresden.


holds a MSc degree in International and European Politics and a BA degree in International Relations. She is the Project Manager and Fundraiser at Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and in this project she has been responsible for coordinating the team of JKPeV regarding the survey, the video interviews and the workshops as well as the local activities that take place in Dresden. Moreover, she was in charge of coordinating and moderating the international event in Dresden.


is a researcher in the fields of education, history and culture. He has a strong local and international network of partners from Municipalities, Schools, Youth services, Cultural Centres, Universities, Research Institutions and Art centres. He is the co-founder of the Forum ERINNERN GESTALTEN (shaping of memory) Dresden. He started cooperating with Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. in 2014 and has involved school and university students in JKPeV’s projects. He is particularly interested in non-formal education in exploring common History and Values such as the Culture of Peace and Remembrance. During the international event in Dresden, Matthias Neutzner led an interactive workshop using intercultural dialogue, art and theatre methods dividing the audience in teams that would represent different political parties and would say their opinion through drama, art and dialogue about the GDR.


holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative and Universal Literature with a minor in English Language and Literature, a Master’s Degree in Literature and History, Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napocaand a Master’s Degree in Contemporary History, University of Sorbonne, Paris IV. He was responsible for preparing an interactive presentation about the GDR and the Cold War by doing a thorough research on the topic of the project, he carried out the survey forming the questionnaire together with the other members of the JKPeV Team, he analysed the results of the survey, did a research to find suitable interviewees and contacted them and finally he conducted all the interviews for the purposes of the project.


is a graphic and web designer and a film maker. She has worked at JKPeV since 2012 and studied Art pedagogy at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria. She is responsible for the video and photo documentation of the international event in Dresden within the framework of the project “Building Democratic Europe Together” as well as for creating technical guidelines for the video interviews produced during the project. She also filmed all the video interviews conducted for the purposes of the “Building Democratic Europe Together” project.


studied Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon and worked at JKPeV as a graphic designer and film maker from May 2016 to April 2017. He contributed to the “Building Democratic Europe Together” by preparing a workshop and presentation about how to conduct video interviews.


studied Project Management and she assisted the film maker Joao Miranda regarding the presentation and workshop on conducting video interviews using the biographical narrative method. Lucie also helped with the organisation and preparation of the international event in Dresden.


is studying Intercultural Communication and Management at TU Dresden and he was doing an internship from January to March 2017 at JKPeV. David was responsible for all the translations of the presentations, speeches and the exhibition as well as the texts for advertisement from German into English and vice versa for the international event in Dresden of the “Building Democratic Europe Together” project and supported the organisation and coordination of the event.


studied Fine Arts at the University of Granada and has done a Master Course in audiovisual production. He has been working at JKPeV as a graphic designer and film maker since January 2017 and for this project, he has been responsible for video and photo documenting the international event in Dresden as well as assisting in the organisation of the event.


is a student of Music Studies in Dresden and he has been responsible for supporting the JKPeV Team in the international event in Dresden by welcoming the guests and providing them information about the event in Dresden “KUNST des ERINNRNS” and the project “Building Democratic Europe Together”


is studying social work at TU Dresden and she has been responsible for proofreading the subtitles of the video interviews produced for the “Building Democratic Europe Together” project.