Workshop Czestochowa

7 June 2017

On the second day of the event, participants were divided into two groups: the steering committee and the group of young participants with their group leaders.

The committee had a meeting at the municipal building Focha in order to discuss all the issues concerning the project outcomes, i.e. questionnaires and video interviews.

Parallel this meeting, the young participants attended an art workshop, working in transnational teams to create collages by the lead of local artists about Solidarity movement, i.e. how it was formed and the effect it had on the transition from the totalitarian regime to democracy.

Afterwards, we all visited the local history museum, called Muzeum Ratusz and learned about the history of the city of Czechostowa and Poland.

Finally, youth were invited to create a short video film introducing Częstochowa and project participants by images and music, no narrative.