Slovak interviewees

Jozef Mikloško
  • former Deputy Prime Minister of the Czecho-Slovak Republic and former Ambassador of Slovakia to Italy,
  • after the transition, establisher of the Slovak political party, called Christian-Democratic Movement,
  • member of Secret Church, dissident, mathematician
František Mikloško
  • Slovak politician, became a member of the Coordination Committee of the “Public against Violence“ (Verejnosť proti násiliu) democratic political movement in November 1989,
  • member of Slovak Parliament,
  • member of Secret Church, dissident, participated in making samizdats,
  • one of the initiators of the Candle Demonstration in Bratislava on 25 March 1988
Ján Čarnogurský
  • former Prime Minister of Slovakia (1991–1992) and former chairman of the Slovak political party, called Christian Democratic Movement,
  • provided legal advice to opposition (Charta 77) and religious activists,
  • due to defending an oppositionist in a political procedure, he was deprived of his attorney-at-law licence,
  • important figure in the Secret Church,
  • imprisoned shortly before the Velvet Revolution and released after the collapse of the Communist regime
Vladimír Krčméry
  • Slovak doctor, professor, expert in tropical medicine,
  • rector of the St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences in Bratislava, founder of the Faculty of Health and Social Work of Trnava University,
  • member of Secret Church, dissident,
  • smuggled Bibles into the Soviet Union during the communist regime
Judita Stempelová
  • psychologist, university lecturer,
  • editor of first samizdat periodical Náboženstvo a súčasnosť (Religion and Present) with Čarnogurský and František Mikloško – created for the needs of the dynamically evolving Secret Church.