Conference DresdenEvents

Lecturers and presenters at the event

René Münch

is an author and artist, born in Kleinsmeusdorf near Leipzig, Germany, in 1962. In his books and paintings René Münch expresses his traumatic experiences as an insitutionalized child. During the event, KUNST des ERINNERNS, René Münch read excerpts of his book “The destiny of institutionalized children in GDR times” and he also showed photos of his paintings, sharing with the audience his difficult experiences as a child and youngster in GDR homes. In his book “Der Staat in der Republik – The State in the Republic”, the author, Rene Münch, talks about the abuses and mistreatments he witnessed during his childhood and youth in GDR orphanages


Jörg Hänisch

is the Mayor of Moritzburg and was an activist during the GDR. During the KUNST des ERINNERNS event, Mr. Jörg Hänisch spoke about the GDR and the peaceful revolution. Moreover, thanks to the Mayor, the poster exhibition “Die Wende begann vor der Haustür” created by the group “Wende in Moritzburg” and the pupils from the High School St. Afra (Meißen) was held as part of the event KUNST des ERINNERNS at Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden. The poster exhibition reflects the peaceful revolution in Moritzburg. The topics such as “The school during the political change”, “Places of surveillance”, “Living spaces in a dictatorship”, “New forms of Politics” and “Young people in the tomb of the Wende – Turn” which are presented in the form of banners.

Silvio Colditz

is a poet and an artist. In the event KUNST des ERINNERNS he recited poems sharing his experiences and ideas about the GDR, speaking about Oppression and Freedom, Silence and Revolution, Oblivion and Remembrance.

Andreas Wilzcek

is an activist whose main mission is to help people and contribute to the society by supporting the refugees, seniors and vulnerable groups. Andreas Wilzcek was also actively involved in social movements against the GDR and moreover, he was one of the few who had access to music from the West. Music is one of his great passions and during the KUNST des ERINNERNS event, he spoke about music in the GDR, with focus on the forbidden music which was revolutionary and not accepted by the authorities.

Herbert Wagner

(born 1948, Neustrelitz)

is a German politician. Wagner was an engineer in Dresden when he became involved in the dialogue between protesters and the mayor of Dresden, Wolfgang Berghofer, in October 1989. He became one of the organizers of the Monday demonstrations in Dresden. After the fall of the communist regime, Wagner became a member of the CDU political party, and was elected mayor of Dresden in May 1990. He was re-elected in 1994, but was defeated in the 2001 election. Mr. Herbert Wagner guided the participants of the “Building Democratic Europe Together” project event at Gedenkstätte Bautzner Strasse explaining them about the use of the building during the GDR times and Stazi.