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Creative Workshops – 14 March 2018

Venue: Közgazdasági Politechnikum
Address: Budapest, Vendel u. 3., 1096
Project participants could decide which of the following activities they wanted to join.

1. Stop Motion – Animated poetry about free press

Médium-Art was a cultural avant-garde samizdat that wanted to present modern, experimental poetry. Reflecting on it, we made short stop-motion animations using our smart phones, smart minds and playful logic of language. The workshop was animated by Dávid Kara.

2. Creating Art Together – about freedom as a basic value
Participants created a panno together, coordinated by Ágnes Soós.

3. Print it yourself – using rámka
Participants discovered how to print samizdat with the lead of Ibolya Varga, representative of Nyomtassteis.. civil movement.

4. Design and create your bag – screen print, spray or stamp
The workshop was about decorating gym bags with textile dye, using different patterns and techniques, like screen print, spray or stamping letters with the help of Éva Bodonyi.

5. Print your own samizdat
Making samizdat paper with a print set in individual, pair or group work.