Greek interviewees

Manthos Sarris was the Secretary General of the Municipality of Larissa from 2015-2017. He was a candidate Member of the Parliament with Syriza in 2015. He was one of the founding members of Syriza and was the secretary of the […]

German interviewees

Pfarrer Harald Bratschneider (b 1942) is an Evangelical-Lutheran priest and a social, environmental and peace activist. From 1960 to 1965 he studied Theology in Leipzig. After being priest in a small community for 10 years, he was named responsible for […]

Slovak interviewees

Jozef Mikloško former Deputy Prime Minister of the Czecho-Slovak Republic and former Ambassador of Slovakia to Italy, after the transition, establisher of the Slovak political party, called Christian-Democratic Movement, member of Secret Church, dissident, mathematician František Mikloško Slovak politician, became […]

Polish Interviewees

PEOPLE CHOOSEN FOR THE VIDEO INTERVIEWS Jacek Strączyński  Jacek Strączyński is the President of the Częstochowa Solidarity Trade Union. He has always emphasized building solidarity among Solidarity members so as to defend workers’ rights and trade unions. Dorota Kaczmarek Dorota […]