Preparing for Czestochowa in Budapest

       The Hungarian team have had several meetings since the beginning of March. First we had an interactive workshop about every day life and social movements in the countries involved in our project, i.e. in Hungary, the GDR, Poland and […]

Preparing for Dresden in Budapest II

The youth traveling to Dresden in February, 2017 had a training session today. They went over the very basics of shooting interviews and biographical narratives. This, for the most part, included handling the basic equipment: camera, microphone, tripods, headphones. As […]

Interviewing Techniques?

The Hungarian participants recently have had several meetings already on this project topic. Today they met with a sociologist who held the first of two workshops on how to create questionnaires and carry out interviews.   Today members worked on […]

Preparing for Dresden in Budapest I

Young members of the Hungarian team are preparing for the Dresden meeting! How you ask? Well, they were learning about the GDR, first step was a short history lesson on post WWII Berlin and the 4 sectors. This was followed […]